This is the land of the Crystal trolls, you can read all about your new friends on here and what their special powers are

Queenie Quartz


My name is Queenie Quartz and I live in the magical world of Crystrollia. I am Queen of all the crystals as I have amazing master healing powers.  My sister Rosa Quartz says I am a Master healer.  I live with my family – the Quartz family.  

I am the most powerful of the crystal trolls as I keep our world safe from the evil energy drainers of the world as well as healing people!  

There’s was one energy drainer called Sucker who managed to trick my friends Tom Tiger’s eye and Jacob Jasper into giving him their beautiful energies...they were so tired and couldn’t help anyone in your world!  

They came straight to me, knowing they were unable to help the people of your world. They told me the story of how they had been tempted by a lovely chocolate cake that Sucker had made. They ate it, and suddenly Sucker came and pinched all their powers! I told Tom and Jacob that I would go find Sucker and bring back their powers.  I searched and searched for Sucker, looking all around your world till I found him lurking in a bush. I slowly crept up on him and grabbed hold of him shoulder. I drained him of my friend’s powers and hurried back to my Crystrollia and restored it to them. 


That’s enough about me.  


WELCOME to CRYSTROLLIA and I hope you will want to meet me and some of my friends! 

Better go I can spy Sucker creeping up on Rosa! 


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