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Gemstone dog pictures

These pictures are made of gemstones that are believed not to just help you but also your dog - please do not stop seeking medical assistance these are to be used additionally.

Amethyst - all round healing stone
                      - great for separation anxiety
                      - calms and relaxs
                      - aids training
Rose quartz - great for rescue dogs as helps heal abuse
                          - gives love and gentleness
                          - helps injuries and wounds
                          - reduces stress
Citrine - happy stone which energises and helps the immune systems

Sodalite - excellent for nervous dogs, it is good for phobias and communication

Amazonite - calms nervous dogs and is the stone of expression

Smokey quartz  - great protective stone and also helps with socialising your pets.

Frames measure 18cm x 18cmin size 

Dog options: pug, dahshund, border collier, basset hound, beagle, jack russell, border terrier and spaniel

Gemstone dog pictures

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