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Chakra keyring - only 1 for the price

Chakras are 7 energy centres within the body that have to be balanced to maintain your health and mental balance. If these are disrupted it is believed that you become ill. Each energy centre needs selected coloured gemstones for each.

Options are:

The Crown chakra - sahasrara- clear quartz

The third eye chakra - ajna- sodalite and lapis lazuli

The throat chakra - vishuddha - aquamarine

The heart chakra -Anahata - green aventurine

The solar plexus - manipura - lemon quartz and golden rutile quartz

The sacral chakra - svadhishthana - carnelian and red agate

The root/base chakra - muladhara - black agate and tourmaline

Chakra keyring

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