Gemstone Palmstone
Approximately 7cm x 5cm in size
Options are (only one for the price): clear quartz or Amethyst 

Amethyst is believed to help meditation, sleep and addictions

Gemstone Palmstone

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  • Green Aventurine aids:


    • prosperity
    • helps against electro-magnetic smog
    • helps decisiveness
    • relieves stammers and severe neuroses
    • enhances creativity


    Amethyst Aids:


    • Helps addictions
    • helps the metabolism
    • eases headaches
    • reduces bruising, injuries and swelling
    • skin disorders, cellular disorders and digestive tract diseases
    • helps insomnia
    • great for mediatation

    Rose Quartz Aids:

    • Self love
    • self-confidence
    • Self esteem