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Clear Quartz: Geology, History and Crystal healing properties!


I did promise a blog on Clear Quartz! If you missed my facebook live last month I did a special information hour all about clear Quartz! I thought I would post the information I gave onto a blog post!

Crystal Family

Clear Quartz is Part of the Quartz family. It is also known as Rock crystal. It is colourless and is transparent to translucent. It is formed in igneous conditions, when magmas cools, the silicon dioxide in the magma crystallizes. The slower it cools the bigger the quartz crystals.

Also, quartz can form via silica rich water. Silicon dioxide dissolves in the water like salt in a cup of water, but only when the temperature is very high, and the pressure is very strong.

Then as the temperature and pressure go down the silica rich water becomes saturated and Quartz crystals are formed. The Quartz comes in clusters, aggregates, and single stones, druse hollows and pegmatites.

Clear Quartz is found worldwide and is the most abundant and common crystal on Earth It forms the basis for a lot for crystals. Also, when you next look at a golden sand beach think about the fact that it is composed of tiny quartz crystals that have been stained by iron in the sea!

Main mining areas are in Brazil, Madagascar, USA, Japan and the Alps. The stone is 7 on the Mohs Hardness scale.

It is used for several things including wand points, spheres, single points, clusters, jewellery and amulets. It can be used unpolished or polished.

It is also used in computers and in watches. It can be water cleansed. It is not advisable to cleanse via sunlight as Quartz amplifies the sun’s heat, a bit like a mirror and can cause fire.

Clear Quartz Formation: Trigonal crystal with Hexagonal crystals

Chemical Composition: SiO2 Silicon oxide

History and Mythology of Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz has a long history of use. The name Quartz was derived from the Greek ‘Krustellos’ meaning Ice as the Ancient Greeks believed that Clear Quartz/ Rock Crystal was ice for the Gods.

In Ancient times, clear quartz was seen to bestow the power of invisibility if placed in a Seer’s mouth.

In Ancient Rome, Emperor Augustus dedicated the largest known clear Quartz at the time to a Roman God in the Capitol temple. It apparently weighed 23kg (50lbs).

The Roman Historian Pliny the Elder wrote about the Clear Quartz:

‘It is a diametrically opposite cause to this that produces crystal,1 a substance which assumes a concrete form from excessive congelation.2 At all events, crystal is only to be found in places where the winter snow freezes with the greatest intensity; and it is from the certainty that it is a kind of ice, that it has received the name3 which it bears in Greek. The East, too, sends us crystal, there being none preferred to the produce of India. It is to be found, also, in Asia, that of the vicinity of Alabanda,4 Orthosia,5 and the neighbouring mountains, being held in a very low degree of esteem. In Cyprus, also, there is crystal, but that found upon the Alpine heights in Europe is, in general, more highly valued. According to Juba, there is crystal in a certain island of the Red Sea, opposite the coast of Arabia, called "Necron;"6 as, also, in another neighbouring island7 which produces the precious stone known as the "topazus;" where a block of crystal was extracted, he says, by Pythagoras, the præfect of King Ptolemaæus, no less than a cubit in length.

Cornelius Bocchus informs us that in Lusitania, there have been blocks of crystal found, of extraordinary weight, in sinking shafts in the Ammiensian8 mountains there, to a water-level for the supply of wells. It is a marvellous fact, stated by Xenocrates of Ephesus, that in Asia and in the Isle of Cyprus, crystal is turned up by the plough; it having been the general belief that it is never to be found in terreous soils, and only in rocky localities. That is much more probable which the same Xenocrates tells us, when he says that the mountain streams often bring down with them fragments of crystal. Sudines says, that crystal is only to be found in localities that face the south, a thing that is known to be really the fact: indeed, it is never found in humid spots, however cold the climate may be, even though the rivers there freeze to the very bottom. Rain-water and pure snow are absolutely necessary for its formation,9 and hence it is, that it is unable to endure heat, being solely employed for holding liquids that are taken cold. From the circumstance of its being hexagonal10 and hexahedral, it is not easy to penetrate this substance; and the more so, as the pyramidal terminations do not always have the same appearance. The polish on its faces is so exquisite, that no art can possibly equal it.’

He also talks about the healing properties of Clear Quartz:

‘The largest block of crystal that has ever been beheld by us, is the one that was consecrated by Julia Augusta in the Capitol, and which weighed about one hundred and fifty pounds.1 Xenocrates speaks of having seen a vase of crystal, which held one amphora,2 and we find other writers mentioning a vessel from India which held four sextarii. For my own part, I can positively say, that there is crystal amid the crags of the Alps, so difficult of access, that it is usually found necessary to be suspended by ropes in order to extract it. Persons who are experienced in the matter detect its presence by certain signs and indications.

Crystal is subject to numerous defects, sometimes presenting a rough, solder-like, substance, or else clouded by spots upon it; while occasionally it contains some hidden humour3 within, or is traversed by hard and brittle knurrs,4 which are known as "salt grains."5 Some crystal, too, has a red rust upon it, while, in other instances, it contains filaments that look like flaws, a defect which artists conceal by engraving it. But where crystals are entirely free from defect, they are preferred uncut; in which case, they are known as "acenteta,"6 and have the colour, not of foam, but of limpid water. In the last place, the weight of crystals is a point which is taken into consideration.

I find it stated by medical men that the very best cautery for the human body is a ball of crystal acted upon by the rays of the sun.7 This substance, too, has been made the object of a mania; for, not many years ago, a mistress of a family, who was by no means very rich, gave one hundred and fifty thousand sesterces for a single basin made of crystal. Nero, on receiving tidings that all was lost, in the excess of his fury, dashed two cups of crystal to pieces; this being his last act of vengeance upon his fellow-creatures, preventing any one from ever drinking again from these vessels. Crystal, when broken, cannot by any possibility be mended. Vessels in glass have been brought to a marvellous degree of resemblance to crystal; and yet, wonderful to say, they have only tended to enhance the value of crystal, and in no way to depreciate it.’

We also get information that the Emperor Nero only drank wine from rock crystal goblets as he believed it would quench his thirst quicker.

There are many myths and legends among mountain peoples that their mountain spirits had thrones carved in Quartz as they were seats of the gods that gave clarity and transparency to whomever sat on them.

In the Middle Ages, a chemist called Johann Kinkel thought clear Quartz was congealed ice. It was used in Folk medicine against thirst and chilblains – It was held up in the sun as it was believed to heal the skin especially help prevent blisters from burns. It was also believed to help staunch bleeding and to help treat complaints linked to the gall bladder.

Native Americans placed a clear quartz in a newborn baby’s cradle as a symbol of their connection with the Earth.

In Tibet, Buddhists use the crystal to be able to sink into a deeper meditative state which would help them quicken their goal of finding the ‘Path of Enlightenment’.

In India, many use Clear quartz Rosaries as they believe it enhances the effectiveness of their prayers.

Hildegard Von Bingen recommended that nursing mothers should ground up clear quartz and mix it with honey and consume this mixture.

In Chinese medicine Clear quartz is used as a Pain reliever (acupuncture needles sometimes having Quartz tips) as it is believed to contain the pure essence of chi/life force.

In Japanese culture, it was believed that clear quartz was the congealed breath of sacred dragons.

Australian aborigines believed that a shaman’s intestines were made of quartz and that they could project these crystals into other people to heal them.

Akashic records are clear quartz which has a special mark that is believed to have ancient spiritual knowledge that will only be unlocked by certain people who can look into the crystal and read it.

Crystal healing Properties

Clear Quartz is known as the Master Healer. There are believed to be several Quartz crystals that are known as Record keepers, which have lots of information within them that you can unlock.

It helps to intensify other crystals energies, so it is great for crystal grids.

As an elixir, it can help purify and stabilize you. It is a symbol of purity, infinity of space and patience and perseverance.

This stone is great for anyone who is beginning or already doing divination as it is a psychic amplifier.

Clear quartz has been tested via a kirlia camera, which measures bio magnetic fields, and it has shown when clear quartz is present it can double the strength of your bio magnetic field.

Popping clear quartz on your desk at work will focus your energy and inspiration to work.

Popping a clear quartz cluster in the living room brings light and happiness to a home.

Popping a clear quartz next to your bed helps to reenergize you as you sleep.

Attaching a clear quartz to your dog’s collar is believed to help ensure that training goes smoothly.

Spiritually it aids:

  • Raises the energy to the highest level – helps you to reach higher plains and communicate with the nature spirits.

  • Is a spiritual library

  • Dissolves Karmic seeds

  • Enhances psychic abilities and helps attune you to a spiritual purpose

  • Helps meditation as it filters out distractions

  • Helps with programming

  • Enhances your personal point of view

Emotionally it aids by:

  • Restores emotional balance

  • Brings serenity and calm

  • Place on the solar plexus – draws off emotional turmoil and restores harmony between the emotional and physical bodies.

  • Carry quartz – in times of emotional distress it helps to alleviate this.

  • Teacher of humanity – helps you to accept oneself.

  • Helps hypochondriac depression

Mentally it aids by:

  • Aids Concentration

  • Unlocks the memory by stimulating the brain

  • Improves your perception faculty

  • Protects from negative energies by wearing it.

  • Increases awareness

  • Brings clarity to your thoughts


  • Draws negative energy of all kinds

  • Neutralizes background radiation – electromagnetic smog and petrochemical emanations.

  • Attach to your fuel line – conserves energy and helps reduce emissions

  • Can be programmed to connect to the Earth

  • Reduces static electricity.

Physically it aids:

  • Stimulates the immune system – helps increase the production of white blood cells

  • Balances the body

  • Soothes burns

  • Harmonizes all the chakras

  • Enhances your energy flow

  • Strengthens the nerves, brain, and glands

  • Alleviates pain and swellings

  • Activates pineal and pituitary glands

  • Prevents dizziness

  • Quartz powder in wine – helps cure diarrhoea

  • Quartz powder mixed with honey – aids lactation

  • Aids dropsy

  • Aids scrofula

  • Enhances tissue regeneration

  • Supports the stomach

  • Supports the intestinal tract

  • Aids intestinal problems

  • Abdominal ulcers

  • Leukemia

  • Bubonic plague

  • Chemical toxicity

  • Cleanses the internal organs

  • Helps overcome fatigue and lethargy

Zodiac sign: Virgo – Birthstone is April and the angel it is associated with is the Archangel Metatron

Chakra Association: Mainly the higher crown chakra however clear quartz is associated with all chakras as it revitalizes and restores balance in all.

Thank you for reading this blog, I hope it was informative! see belong for further reading


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