Green Moss Agate: Crystal healing properties and history


This week it is all about green moss agate.

Crystal Family

Moss Green Agate is from the Chalcedony family and is not technically an agate as it is not banded. It is a chalcedony with dendritic inclusions of moss green coloured minerals. It is where a viscous silicic acid penetrates the rock, however it does not mix, which creates these moss green inclusions. These inclusions are made via chrome and iron impurities which create the moss green/blue inclusions. It can also be inclusions of green hornblende. It is usually found in fissures of granite and pegmites.

It can be transparent or translucent and tends to be a white colour. It can also have red, brown, black and blue inclusions as well.

Green Moss Agate is found in India, Montana and Colorado in the United States, China, Russia (the Urals) and Australia.

Green Moss Agate is 6.5-7 on the Mohs Hardness scale. It is usually found in small pieces or tumbled. It is found in thin slabs that are used for plates, and cabochons for jewellery. It is translucent to transparent and it can also can be cleansed in all ways.

Green Moss Agate Formation: Trigonal

Green moss agate has a mirco-crystalline formation and is a sedimentary stone

Chemical Composition: SiO2 +Al, Ca, F, Fe, K, Mg, Na,OH, Si

Moss Green Agate is a made from Silicon dioxide.

History and Mythology of Green Moss Agate

In history, there is not a lot of history or mythology specifically on green moss agate. There is of Agate in general, where agate was found by Theophrastus, who found agate on the River Achates, hence the name agate.

The only history is that it has been known of this crystal specifically as the Gardener’s stone as farmers used it as it was believed to help grow new crops from the planting stage. They tied the crystal to the horns of oxen when ploughing the fields.

Crystal healing Properties

Green Moss agate is known as a stone of abundance and wealth and enhances a love for nature and the natural world. It is also a stone that can help almost everyone as it stabilizes all the body systems. As like any agate, it is slow and steady with its healing. Also like most agates, it grounds and stabilizes.