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Green Aventurine: Crystal Properties and history

Hi everyone! This week my blog is all about this understated and totally underestimated Green Aventurine! This stone has sooo many crystal healing benefits but it is one of the products that is least brought on my stall although I have some beautiful carved pieces available on the stall! So I wanted you to read about it and see if I can persuade you to get this fabulous crystal into your crystal healing lives! Green Aventurine Family Green Aventurine is part of the Quartz family. The difference between the Quartz and Green Aventurine is that Green Aventurine has mica inclusions, specifically Fuchsite inclusions. This glittery effect has been labelled Aventurescence. It is a crypto-crystalline crystal with a trigonal crystal structure. It forms in igneous rocks, sediments and Crystalline slates. 

It is found in Brazil, India, Austria, Russia and Tanzania. Its chemical composition is SiO2 + KAI2(OH,F)2/Al Si3O10 + Cr.   It is usually popped in jewellery as a cabochon cut and is used for carved ornaments and tumblestones. It is translucent to opaque and comes in a light green colour. The Hardness on the Mohs scale for Green Aventurine is 6.5-7 which makes it hard enough to pop in jewellery.  Green Aventurine History and Mythology Green Aventurine does not have a lot of history. It has been mistaken as Jade many times so this maybe one of the reasons for the lack of historical knowledge for this crystal. It has been used in jewellery and as ornaments for years. It was discovered in 1700 and named after the Italian 'per aventura' which means 'By chance'. It was believed in the 1800s that Venetian glass makers that by accident mixed copper bits with glass to produce a sparkly glass. It has generally been used by gamblers as a lucky talisman, with many gamblers pooping the stone in the left pocket as Luck and Left have L's.  Crystal healing  Green Aventurine though lacking in historical use has many crystal healing properties and uses.  It is known as a stone of wealth and is used by gamblers and people who need luck in their life. It helps destress and relax people in negative situations by creating a positive situation out of the negative situation. It helps us to connect with the spirit guides and spirits from the devic kingdom as well. 

Environmentally, Green Aventurine, as it has a strong connection with mother earth, can be used in house grids to help combat geopathic stress as well as environmental pollution. By taping a Green Aventurine it can also assist ridding electromagnetic smog or pollution.  Emotionally, it can help stabilise the mind, helping emotional recovery and calming anger. It also can help mentally, as it can promote well-being within oneself.  It helps with many sleep, stress or anxiety disorders especially during exam times.  Therapists tend to use it to assist in finding out the root causes of past disease, so as to help figure out ways to heal.  Adventurine is a good stone for helping to make decisions and to help with encouraging the leadership attributes we hold within ourselves. It is also believed to help enhance creativity especially sportsmen and women as it increases their reaction times. It also prevents people sapping your positive heart energy which is called psychic vampirism. Physically, it aids:

  • Regeneration of the heart

  • Growth between birth and 7 years old

  • Thysmus gland

  • Connective tissues

  • Nervous system

  • Blood pressure

  • Metabolism

  • Lowers cholesterol

  • Arteriosclerosis

  • Heart attacks

  • Helps skin and spot allergies (using a elixir can be very beneficial)

  • Migraine headaches

  • Helps the eyes

  • Adrenals

  • Lungs

  • Sinuses

  • Muscular system

  • Urogenital systems

  • Helps sickness

  • Sunburn and sunstroke

  • Helps sleep

  • Claustophobia

  • Stammers

  • Malignancy/Tumours

It is associated with the star sign Aries, and the Heart chakra, so placing it on the heart chakra will be highly beneficial for the client.  So I hope this helps you on understanding Green Aventurine and hopefully you guys and gals will be asking about what items I have that are Green Aventurine :) Thank you for reading, as you probably noticed in the last blog I do pop a bibliography just in

case you would like to read more about it!

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